ZRA and Mutale Mwanza

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http___www.bigleaguekickball.com_category_press_ soma cheap no prescription This is not the work of ZWD. These articles are circulating in PF social media platforms. We have just provided a bigger platform because some of the issues raised are important. We have removed the photos of the ‘concubines’ Special ReportZambia Revenue Authority Director General Kingslay Chanda had responded to Zambian Trojan’s detailed report on how he was blackmailed by Mutale Mwanza to buy her a Range Rover and other properties. So we move on from Mutale.Chanda claims that the writers of the expose are only trying to destract him from collecting taxes for Zambians, and are being malicious to him. He goes further to ask his employees to focus on collecting taxes and close businesses that don’t pay taxes.From the look of things, Kingslay Chanda seems to be playing victim card and wants to have us believe he is an upright man. Far from it.From both proffesional and private life, Kingslay Chanda is a disgrace who shouldn’t be at ZRA leading people.Well, it is time we went further into the dirty dealings of Kingslay Chanda and dig into his sex life with multiple girls he has employed at ZRA. We didn’t want to expose the girls but we have been forced. Those who are names are merely collateral damage.We will also reveal the white color crimes if Mr. Chanda at ZRA.Kingsley Chanda uses a tactic of employing his concubines into lower positions then within a short space of time he transfers them to other stations on promotions and within short periods, transfers them back again on another promotion.A fresh graduates from University with no experience joins ZRA on fast track as a grade 07, within one year she’s transferred to Copperbelt on promotion to grade 06 and by the end of the year, she is back to Lusaka as a grade 05 supervising people who are far more experienced and qualified. One such scenario is the double promotion of Chela Simunyola, Kingsley’s nephew who grew up in his house. Simunyola has no prior work experience before joining ZRA, but within a year of being employed he was transferred and promoted twice and he is now in ZRA Grade 04, Assistant Director level and getting a salary equivalent to a Deputy Permanent Secretary. And he’s not the only one. Mr. Chanda’s concubines in ZRA have also benefited from this type of running ZRA by a man who is ever horny.Kingslay Chanda’s concubines at ZRA are:M MT M M KK KC C If you see these girls anywhere in ZRA, know that Kingslay Chanda has chewed them. These chicks fly to Dubai and other countries anyhow courtesy of Kingslay Chanda. After we exposed the screenshot of Mutale Mwanza and Kingslay Chanda, the girls have put pressure on the man and he has to buy them Range Rovers too.Then there’s his Clearing Company Nishati.Chamber of Mines even disclosed that Nishati is now the company that clears goods for the mines.Previously major mining companies dealt with Bridge Shipping but Kingsley has now arm twisted the mines and he is now doing business with the mines through his wife and nephew.Here is a question that borders on proffesionalism and morality.How can you effectively administer penalties when you’re the clearing agent ?The source of the money which Kingslay Chanda flashes around through his concubines is tax disputes. The main accomplices to this are Indians and Mines. Kingslay Chanda encourages companies to dispute taxes and he finds a way to settle the issue. Then, he gets his pay through suitcases Dollars.In his quest to discredit us, Kingslay Chanda says he is here to collect taxes that benefit all Zambians. If we had a proper Anti-Cirruption Commission, the information we have provided is enough to send this horny old man to prison.Zambians are loosing out. The real beneficiaries at ZRA are the concubines to Mr. Chanda.

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Source : Zambian Watch Dog

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